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enhanced brand content

below are a few banners and feature images designed for ebc layouts

Heliocare High Res 1.png

ebc for a natural antioxidant supplement :

while being careful with language and health claims, this product’s ebc needed to communicate as a premium product and cement itself as a simple, modern, solution. i used a yellow and sunshine themed palette with an integration of green pops to bring the ‘natural’ feature into the visual as well. like all ebc, attention was given to quick facts, decently large text for easily mobile readability, and careful text-to-visual ratios.

morganhaan high res.png
morganhaan high res copy.png

ebc for a premium kitchen product:

by maintaining both a quality product and quality visual, this brand has been able to obtain and keep the ‘best seller’ or ‘amazon choice’ badges for their measuring spoon sets. for their ebc, it was important to use minimalist visuals to parallel the text. with a premium kitchen product, the client’s main concern was differentiating their product from the rest and ensuring that all of the quality differentiators were clear by the end of the listing. we cultivated their ebc accordingly with modern, stroke-based graphics to match their most valuable talking points.


ebc for a portable charger:

this is the project that initially peaked my interest in iconography. this product had been holding a ‘best seller’ badge for a long time and the client was able to add a+ content to their page in order to offer more value and visual info on the product. even from this project in my earlier a+/ebc days, big text and visual elements were essential in banners to capture the mobile audience. as with many clients, the top features were requested in a creative brief and custom icons and visuals were drafted around those features to bring them to attention in a clean, simple banner.